Taking a look into the gold mining history, one would get to see that the discovery of gold nugget has been always circumstantial. Whenever a gold nugget was discovered, the whole mining industry got excited. The discovery of gold nuggets affects the investor, as they can’t invest in it. They would often invest in gold bullion and would buy gold bars or coins instead.
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Gold Nuggets

Gold nuggets are formed in alluvial deposits. Alluvial deposits are nothing but sediments formed during the movement of water. However, it could be found near to primary places of gold deposits.

In many instances, gold nuggets could be easily removed. Sometimes the surrounding rocks near the gold deposits needed to be removed. Investors who take an interest to buy gold bars would be excited to learn about the different largest gold nuggets available on Earth.

Even though, the mining community might claim that they have the largest gold nuggets with them. Still, all the claims can’t be true. Some historical nuggets have been melted in order to form gold bars and coins. Still, if you are interested to learn about the existing best gold nuggets, take a look below.

  • Peptia Canaa, Brazil

This gold nugget is the largest in the world. This nugget was found by miner Julio de Deus Filho of Serra Pelada region of Brazil. This nugget comes with gross weight of 60.82 kgs and contains 52.33 kgs. This gold nugget is on display in the Gold Room of the central bank’s museum.

  • The Great Triangle, Russia

 It is the second largest surviving gold nugget. This nugget has not been melted. Hence, investors can’t buy gold bars out of it. This nugget weighs around 32.94 kgs and was discovered by Nikofor Syutkin. The triangular shape of the nugget gave its name. This nugget is now owned by the Russian State and is on display in the Kremlin in Moscow.

  • Hand of Faith, Australia

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This gold nugget weighs around 27.66 kgs. It was found in the area of Kingower, Victoria, Australia. It was found by Kevin Hillier. The gold nugget was found with the help of a metal detector. This nugget is currently in display in East Fremont Street in a downtown centre in Las Vegas.

  • Normandy Nugget, Australia

Investors can’t but this nugget but can buy gold bars made from other nuggets. This particular nugget weighs around 25.5 kgs. It was excavated from the mining centre of Western Australia’sKalgoorie. The gold purity of the nugget is around 80-90%. This nugget is displayed in the Perth Mint museum with an agreement with Newmont.

  • Crown Jewel, California

This gold nugget was found by Sonora Mining Company in the year 1992.  This nugget was embedded inside quartz rock. After removing it was found that the single mass of gold weighed 16.4 kgs. This nugget is currently displayed in a heritage museum California’s Ironstone Vineyards.

The desire to buy gold bars might be a good choice for investors as it would protect them from inflation hedge. Still taking a look into the gold nuggets and learning their history can be simply amazing.